Dufaylite Retail Display Stand
Dufaylite Retail Display Stand

How To Make Eco Friendly Retail Display Stands

Short of the product itself being great, a retail display stand can be the make or break between a product getting seen, considered, and bought, and a product being entirely overlooked – consigned to retail oblivion. Let’s look at some great ways to make eco-friendly retail display stands that really wow customers.

Make them make your product pop
Dufaylite Ultra Board point of sale stand

This blog is about creating display stands that are impressive, but a display is only ever going to work if it impressively shows off the thing you want to display. This may seem self-evident, but it’s overlooked all the time when creatives get carried away with an exciting idea.

Think of a display stand as a physical, in-person, three dimensional advert. If it’s not clear what’s on sale, then any amount of humour, wit, intelligence, or outright creativity is futile.

And this isn’t to say that you shouldn’t think of quirky ways to actually display the product: you could hang it, lift it, pour it... Bop it?

However you display the product, make sure that the display is actually presenting the product, not the display.

Get the height right
Dufaylite Ultra Board point of sale stand for Kikkoman Soy

Because of the ease of waist-level display stands, they’re the most common ones you see in retail outlets like supermarkets. But just because they’re the most familiar doesn’t mean they’re the best option.

Height plays a huge role in what stands out to people and what doesn’t.

Think about it: when a product is on the bottom shelf, you’re likely to walk right past it, but when a product’s at eye level, it’s quite noticeable, right?

Now, you may be limited on height due to space or licence restrictions, but keep in mind that positioning a product at the right level in your display can do wonders for how frequently it catches people’s attention.

Use colour and materials to give the display life

Using colours that contrast with the product or products being displayed helps to really elevate what’s shown. In some cases, the contrast almost acts like a backlight that helps to focus the eye on exactly what needs to be seen.

Similarly, the use of different materials, and leaving materials exposed, can become an effective way of pulling an observer in. In the same way that a piece of fine woodwork can draw people in through the beauty of the wood and joinery used, a display can draw people in through variety in textures. Our Ultra Board, for example, has been used in various ways to create stunning displays that show off the material itself.

Have a message, and get it across

Above all, the display stand needs to convey the message of the product. What is this product? How does it work? Why is it better than competitor products? And, crucially, how does it make the buyer’s life easier or more enriched?

You also don’t have to write out the answers to these questions on the display stand itself – you can instead answer them visually by showing these things in action. After all, pictures are supposed to speak thousands of words, right?

Let’s talk about your display stands

If you need to talk about display stands, our Ultra Board is a hugely versatile material that can be cut, folded, and shaped into just about anything you can think of – all while being environmentally friendly!

If you’re stuck for ideas, let’s talk about how you can use Ultra Board and where you can get it from.

4 October 2021