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Optimise Your Display Board with Edging & Other Finishing Touches

When it comes to attracting passersby, getting your brand’s message across, and making an impact, a well-optimised display board is the way to go.

Half the problem with static advertising is just that — it can seem static and blend in with its surroundings if not optimised. However, here at Dufaylite, we believe in making materials work harder to achieve better results so that you don’t have to. That’s why we created our eco-friendly, lightweight honeycomb display board to stand out from the crowd.

With that being said, what else can you do to make sure that your display board showcases your brand’s message in the best light possible? Read on to find out.

Why optimising your display board matters

Display boards like our Ultra Board are suitable for all manner of applications in the creative, retail, graphics, and print industries. But one thing all of these industries have in common? The common aim of attracting consumers.

From trade shows to classrooms, the aim of every display board is to showcase the information on it in a way that grabs the attention of the intended audience. Communicating the messaging of a brand or a businesses’ USPs is often what display boards are tasked with — and, in order to do this effectively, they must be optimised.

A display board is, to risk stating the obvious, displaying representation or showcasing a snapshot of your business for passersby to see. So, it’s essential that this snapshot accurately conveys the quality, professionalism, and excellence of your business in its own characteristics.

Display board edging options

One of the ways in which you can add a little extra to your display boards is by adding edging.

Display board edging refers to strips of material — usually made of paper (or cardboard for durability) but sometimes also from metal, plastic, or fabric — that are attached to the outermost edge of a display board to give it a crisp, sharp outline. Edging strips are very simple to apply, consisting of a self-adhesive side and requiring no tools to put up or remove.

In order to create a polished and professional look that makes a display board ‘pop’, a variety of edging options can be added. The following ideas are intended to give you some inspiration as to how you can use edging to elevate your display board’s visual impact:

  • Utilities colour contrasts. Choose an edging colour in direct contrast to that of the background or main colour scheme of your display board to catch consumers’ attention.
  • Make use of layers. Edging strips come in a variety of different widths (from 6mm to 18mm) that can be layered on top of each other around the outside of a display board to generate a framing effect.
  • Use shaped edging. For a more fun solution, it's always an option to use corrugated or wavy edging — this is especially popular in classrooms and creative environments.
  • Monochrome is your friend. Don’t be afraid to opt for the classic black or white framing for your display board. Sometimes, to get your message across, it is better to go for a simple, sleek framing solution, depending on the content of the board. Dufaylite offers black and white edging options on our standard 50m roll.

Here at Dufaylite, sustainability is one of our core values — and this extends to our materials too, meaning that our display boards and edging options are all made from cardboard and are fully recyclable.

Other finishing touches for your display board

There’s also a series of other finishing touches that you can add to your display board, along with edging, to create an impactful final look. For a start, you could harness the potential of 3D accessories such as magnets, hooks, or clips to add interest and for heightened functionality.

Making your display boards interactive is much easier than you’d think. For businesses, especially at trade shows or at networking events, using magnets to hold sign up sheets or pen pots on display boards is invaluable. Similarly, the addition of clips that hold flyers, business cards, or leaflets that contain more information about your business can make all the difference to a display board, taking it from a passive sign to an active one.

Other than functionality, durability is another important criterion for display boards — and for this standard, it's all about ‘damage control’. If your display board is placed in a high-traffic area such as a corridor or reception area, the chances are it will come in contact with plenty of bags and shoulders and other obstructions as people brush past it. Over time, this can leave an unoptimized display board looking tired with some elements being damaged or ripped if the correct preventative measures are not taken. This is where things like corner protectors can come in handy.

Lastly, when it comes to creating an effective display space that consumers can interact with, you may also want to consider making use of negative space. Don’t overcrowd your display board. Oftentimes it is much easier for consumers to digest information if there is more blank space.

Display board solutions from Dufaylite

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In the meantime, for more strategic insight into the packaging and display industries, keep up with the Dufaylite blog.

7 August 2023