Dufaylite Ultra Board 3D White used as a background for food photography shoot
Dufaylite Ultra Board 3D White used by Avara for food photography

Ultra Board

The versatility of our new Ultra Board 3D

If you have previously used any of our products, whether in the packaging sector or in the creative and retail industries, you will be very aware of the incredible versatility our boards offer.

In a departure from it’s usual use, our Ultra Board 3D was recently used as a base to create a series of backgrounds for a photographic food shoot. The high strength and tough outer facings, together with it’s super lightweight structure meant a number of different large format sheets could be conveniently transported to the shoot venue.

The boards were given a rough coating of filler to one side and finished with paint to give a contemporary, artisan feel to the finished images. It just goes to show that with a little creativity, our boards can be suitable for almost any application.

Client. FSG Design.
Material Used. Ultra Board 3D.