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As an ideal replacement for polystyrene, foam and corrugated materials, Envirolite paper honeycomb offers 100% recyclable solutions that make a difference to our customers’ businesses on a number of levels, from practical packaging solutions to environmental consultative support where necessary.

With our lightweight packaging material we offer a wide range of eco friendly products, from corner edge protection, void fillers or layer pads through to bespoke solutions to solve complex packaging and shipping problems, making us the preferred cardboard packaging partner for the electrical appliance, industrial parts, automotive parts, window and door, food and drink sectors, plus logistics and transportation.

Through experienced, technical expertise and innovation and a creative approach to problem solving, our specialist in-house team provides environmentally sustainable, cost-effective protective packaging solutions that, put quite simply, work.

Birds nest providing protection

100% Recyclable Thermal Box Packaging

Meeting the demands of the rise in online grocery deliveries, our new Thermal Boxes offer a superb level of insulation and with a range of inserts provide a great degree of strength to ensure the contents are kept safe during transit. Easy to use and completely recyclable, they’re perfect for today’s style of shopping.

Thermal packaging and protection by Dufaylite
Thermal packaging and protection by Dufaylite

Strong & Durable Paper Honeycomb Board Pallets

Just as strong as most wooden pallets but with a host of added benefits plus far less weight and therefore less distribution costs, when it comes to eco friendly cardboard packaging our honeycomb and board paper pallets are the obvious choice.

Kraft palettes by Dufaylite
Kraft palettes by Dufaylite

Perfectly Engineered Bespoke Protection

In addition to our standard range of protective packaging, from our purpose built factory in the UK we offer bespoke packaging solutions tailored to suit your specific needs, whether it’s reducing bulk and distribution costs, or a solution that requires a unique look.

When it comes to bespoke packaging that makes a difference, clients from across the UK choose to work with Envirolite as their eco friendly packaging partner of choice. Through our innovative cutting, scoring and production techniques, combined with our expert team, unrivalled experience and impressive track record we are able to offer recyclable packaging solutions that save businesses both time and money.

Bespoke packaging and protection by Dufaylite

Strong & Lightweight Corner & Edge Protection

Our paper honeycomb Corner & Edge Protection provides proven safeguarding where packaged products are most vulnerable.

Our cost effective, 100% recyclable corner protection is available in a range of standard sizes but, using any of our honeycomb board thicknesses, can be customised to suit your specific requirements. Made from a 100% recycled honeycomb core and facings, our Corner & Edge Protection packaging is lightweight and strong enough to withstand impact damage that can occur during transit.

With extremely short lead times, our edge protection packaging can be readily delivered either pre-assembled or flat-packed.

Strong, effective edge protection packaging by Dufaylite

Protective Packaging

Eco friendly honeycomb

Less Material, Less Waste – In-Box Void Fills

Through ongoing development and continued discussions with our clients, Dufaylite can offer a sustainable eco friendly cardboard honeycomb void filler alternative to the widespread use of packaging polystyrene.

Of particular benefit when used in the protective packaging of flat-pack furniture and white goods, and unlike corrugated card, Envirolite's honeycomb void filler packaging strength to weight ratio and extremely high resistance to compression makes it perfectly suited to large, heavyweight packages – meaning less materials, less weight and therefore less waste.

Sustainable alternative to polystyrene packaging by Dufaylite

Exceptional Protection – Layer Pads

Protecting goods from all angles whilst in storage or transit is essential. We have developed an efficient and extremely effective range of heavy duty cardboard sheet layer pads that spread weight and absorb load pressure, while safeguarding goods from above and below.

Capable of supporting 25 tonnes per square metre, our innovative honeycomb board solutions allow for more efficient stacking and storage. In additional to our bespoke solutions, and in response to feedback from our customers, our layer pads are now available in a range of standard sizes and formats with a variety of load factors to suit almost any application.

Our 100% recyclable pads are a sustainable packaging solution, and can be recycled through the standard cardboard recycling scheme, generating revenue for a business rather than adding additional waste costs.

For more information about Layer Pads please click here.

Layer pads by Dufaylite to protect goods whilst in storage or transit